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VetCare Health Savings Plans

For your convenience in the care of your pets health, we now offer the VetCare Health Savings Plan. This plan will allow you to set money aside for any pet in your household for any service or item we carry. We offer 3 tiers of monthly payment options for creating a healthcare savings account that best suits your needs.

Be ready for those unexpected emergencies, plan ahead for wellness exams, yearly vaccinations or buying heartworm prevention. With the VetCare Health Savings Plan, it will be easier than ever. In addition, you will recieve a 10% discount on most services or items we offer. Please read below for more information on the VetCare Health Savings Plan:

What is the VetCare Wellness Plan?

The VetCare Health Savings Plan is a savings account that lets you save for your pets' health care. Your payment is conveniently drafted from a credit or debit card on a monthly basis for a 12-month period. If you are enrolled, there is a 10% discount* on most services and products we offer in-clinic only (the discount does not apply to pet boarding, bathing, or foods purchased, but you can still apply your accumulated credit towards them!).

There are three different payment options you can choose from:

Tier 1 (Single Pet): $35.00 per month

Ideal for families with one pet in their household

Tier 2 (Multiple Pets): $55.00 per month

For multiple pet households

*Discounts apply to services or products offered in-clinic only. Discounts do not apply to online pharmacy orders. Discount does not apply to a product or service that is discounted on a promotional basis. No discounts apply to pet boarding, bathing or food products

How does the VetCare Health Savings Plan Work?

You start by picking the tier option that is suitable for your household. You enroll for a 12-month period from when you sign up. From there, each monthly payment will be ran from your debit or credit card on the first business day of the month. It is put towards your account that you can use for on future visits, services or products for any pet in your household. You are only responsible for any amount over at the time services or products are provided.

For example:

If you enrolled in the Tier 1 Plan and 3 months later you want to bring your dog in to be neutered. You have built up $75 in savings up to that point. The neuter would be $103.50 (with your discount applied), so the balance you would owe at the time of checkout would be $28.50.

There is no enrollment fee, and you can also cancel your enrollment at any time without any additional fees. Any credit accrued will remain in your account to be used later, but it cannot be refunded. In the event a pet is lost, stolen, given away or passes away, your plan will be considered cancelled, and the same conditions apply. No further drafts will be made from your card when you cancel.

When your 12-month enrollment period is about to end, you will be notified by mail, at which time you can decide whether or not to continue enrollment.

If your card is declined, expired or for any other reason the monthly installment is not made, two telephone contact attempts will be made. If we are not able to contact you by phone, we will attempt once by mail. If we are unsuccessful after that attempt, the enrollment is considered as a cancellation.

Once your enrollment is canceled for any reason, you will not be eligible for any of the discounts associated with the VetCare Health Savings Plan.

Please call us at 205-668-4233 for any further information or questions about the VetCare Health Savings Plan today!


*Exam only. Does not include diagnostics, vaccines or other additional items that may be recommended.

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